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Do you struggle with your weight? Park Medical Group can help

Are you in a healthy weight range?  

Taking care of our health is something we should all be concerned with on a daily basis. Our weight is a major contributing factor to our overall wellbeing, and if you are overweight or obese, you are putting yourself at risk for a range of physical and mental health problems, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, sleep problems, depression, and more.  

According to the Department of Health initiative Healthy WA, ‘the main cause of overweight and obesity is energy imbalance. Over time, if people eat and drink more than the body needs and uses in day-to-day activities, this extra energy will be stored as fat.’  

If you feel you are overweight or obese, you should talk to your doctor about:  

  • Underlying causes for your obesity
  • Lifestyle factors affecting your weight
  • Your mental health and motivation to lose weight
  • Family history  

If you’re not sure whether you are overweight, you can use a BMI calculator as a rough guide - although this calculation is not suitable for all groups of people. You can also measure your waist circumference. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, ‘a higher waist measurement is associated with an increased risk of chronic disease.’ You can find more information about waist circumference and BMI here.  

Underlying causes of obesity and overweight  

If you are diagnosed as being overweight or obese, the cause isn’t necessarily going to be over-eating and lack of activity. You may, for example, be taking a certain medication or have an underlying medical condition that causes you to gain weight. Therefore, no matter how well you eat or how much exercise you do, you may struggle to shed excess weight.  

Talk to the friendly doctors at Park Medical Group about your weight issues today, and work with us to figure out a solution for your better health.  

Lifestyle factors that cause weight gain  

The main culprits causing weight gain and resulting in obesity are, of course, over-consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Other lifestyle factors include lack of exercise, smoking and excess alcohol consumption.  

According to Healthy WA, ‘many Western Australians are not physically active enough for good health and spend too much time sitting.’  

To maintain a healthy weight, you must eat a well-balanced diet that gives your body the energy it needs. One has to remember eating fat does not make us fat - the over-eating of refined carbohydrates and sugar causes the body to store excess energy as fat, resulting in weight gain. You also need to balance food intake with physical activity, such as walking, running, bike-riding, swimming, and so on.  

If you’re confused about what foods you should be eating, or know that you are making bad food choices, speak to your GP. Your doctor can also guide you on the amount of exercise you should be aiming for and can suggest appropriate activities to help you manage your weight.  

How’s your mental health?  

Being overweight or obese might make you feel depressed, and this, in turn, can affect your motivation to lose weight or make healthier choices.  

Being aware of your mental health is a critical factor to the state of your overall physical health. If you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed, or lack the motivation to be healthy and to lose weight, speak to your GP.  

Your family history can affect your likelihood of becoming overweight/obese or developing conditions such as diabetes  

If you have a family history of obesity or conditions such as diabetes, you should speak to your doctor about minimising your risks of developing the same conditions.  

If you are worried about your family’s medical history – or if you are concerned about your children’s risks of becoming overweight, speak to your doctor about preventative health measures.  


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