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Mental Health linked to weight

According to the Australian Government Department of Health, the state of a person’s mental health can be linked with weight gain and weight loss. Weight issues may be the cause of a person’s anxiety or depression, and it may also be a symptom.  

“Sometimes, people feel down or anxious about their weight. They may feel guilty for not being healthy and energetic. They may blame themselves for not being fit and active. As well, if a person has depression or anxiety their appetite, energy levels, self-esteem and weight can all be affected.”
Department of Health  

We should all be aware of our health and keep an eye on our weight, making sure we fall within a healthy weight range for our age, gender, and height. Some factors that might impact your health and weight include:  

  • Depression and weight gain
  • Grief, anxiety, depression and weight loss
  • Society vs. mental health
  • Medications  

You should speak to your doctor if you are having issues with your mental health and your weight. Your GP can help you to figure out any underlying problems that may be contributing to your health issues and can recommend an appropriate course of action. Contact the friendly reception staff at Park Medical Group today to book an appointment if you are struggling with your health.  

Depression and weight gain  

According to the Department of Health, depression can be a contributing factor to weight gain:  

“If you are depressed, you probably don’t feel like being very active. You may spend more time sitting around than you normally do. And sometimes, depression can cause people to neglect their health because they are focused on other issues. Thoughts of healthy eating can easily slip away.”  

If you are feeling depressed and are aware that your current lifestyle may be negatively affecting your health, you should seek medical advice. Depression is not a condition to be ashamed of, and everyone goes through difficult times in life when he or she may need a little help. Make an appointment with one of our experienced doctors at Park Medical Group today and get your mental and physical health back on track again today.  

Grief, anxiety, depression and weight loss  

Depression, as well as grief, anxiety, and trauma, can all lead to weight loss and malnourishment.  

If you are suffering from a mental health issue, you may not have the drive to look after yourself the way you should be.  

Contact your local GP and book an appointment to discuss options for treatment and recovery.  

The negative impact of society on mental health  

If you are overweight, you may or may not be affected mentally. According to the Department of Health, the society we live in can have a major impact on our mental health and weight problems:  

“In our [Western] society, where a healthy weight is valued, it can be frustrating and depressing if you’re not in that group. There are also problems when people want to be too thin as this can be a sign of an eating disorder, which may require professional assistance.”  

If you are struggling with negative emotions relating to being overweight (or perceived weight gain), you should contact your General Practitioner for help. Contact Park Medical Group for an appointment today.  

Medications that can cause weight gain  

Various medications can also contribute to weight gain, and you may find that especially within the first six months of taking a new medication, you may put on weight easily and rapidly.  

Medications that can be related to weight gain include:  

  • Medications for mental illness
  • Medications for diabetes
  • Beta-blockers  

To find out more information about medications relating to weight gain, visit the Department of Health “Medications and weight” web page.

You should speak to your doctor about prescribed medications that are causing weight gain. Your GP may be able to recommend alternatives, or suggest ways to manage the side effects of the medication. Contact Park Medical Group to discuss your medications today.


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