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Park Medical Group is pleased to announce onsite iron infusions.


This is a very convenient method to replenish low iron levels

Why we need iron?

Iron is an extremely important element that is required by the human body to produce haemoglobin.

Haemoglobin is the protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the body's tissues

If your iron in the body gets too low, the haemoglobin level may drop and you will experience symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia such as

  Lack of energy or tiredness

  Shortness of breath


  Poor appetite

  Poor learning and shortened attention span

  Increased susceptibility to infection

When does someone become deficient in iron?

This could happen when there is

  Excessive blood loss (Eg. excessive menstrual blood loss)

  Poor absorption from the gut (Eg. Coeliac Disease, Inadequate intestinal adsorption, chronic diseases)

  Inadequate oral intake (Eg. Vegetarians, Vegans, Poor eating habits)

Who Needs Iron Infusion?

Anyone who is low in iron needs iron replacement. An iron infusion may be needed if someone is

  Experiencing symptoms of iron deficiency ( see above)

  Unable to tolerate oral iron replacement (due to side effects especially constipation)

  Needs rapid replacement of iron (Eg. severe iron deficiency)

  Experiencing loss of iron more than the body can absorb from the diet (Eg. heavy menstrual flow)

Iron Infusion at Park Medical Group

All patients who need an iron infusion will be reviewed by one of our GPs. Any underlying reason for your iron deficiency will be addressed. The procedure will also be explained and informed consent will be obtained. After the iron infusion, you will have a follow up blood test after 4-6 weeks.

We offer safe iron infusion (Ferric Carboxymaltose) at your convenience with minimal waiting time.

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